Jolie Fille

Central Virginia's Premier Cajun/Punk Rock Band
Jolie Fille Band At Fellini's


drawing of Jolie Fille Band
Drawing by Barbara Grandis
Jolie Fille plays Cajun music. Jolie Fille plays fast and loud. Jolie Fille is great for dancing. Jolie Fille is like a collaboration between Dewey Balfa and Joey Ramone. Jolie Fille will make your next event rock.


Jolie Fille wants to play for you! Go ahead: Email Us. We’ll take it from there.

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Jolie Fille is a Charlottesville VA based band. We play for parties, weddings, bars, Marti Gras, festivals, and any other place people get together to have fun. Follow us on Facebook so you won’t miss a single thing.


Watch us do our thing:


Listen to “Quand J’étais Pauvre” from a performance on WTJU: